Reel Time just happened.  It was like, one minute I am sticking my toe in the surf, enjoying the cold, wet, mushy sensation of doing something spontaneous and refreshingly different, when leg over little-blue-bunny-ears, I am bobbing in the waves crying out for the life guard to come and join me.

Seriously – am I ‘reelly’ allowed to have this much fun?

In the Reel Time, I have discovered that rocks don’t just roll they thunder, music is more like communing then I had first thought, that I don’t need hand-eye-coordination to rock a joystick, I invented the LOM, I LOL while I LARP, I get gladder that Celestial Storms don’t really happen, and old girls ‘reelly’ do just ‘wanna have fun’, all this in the flimsy guise of pursuing the eternal story.

The creative process starts with fun.  It really is that simple.  Reel Time is for me, writing in motion, what hey, did you gaze what nearly just happened – I almost spiralled into the Star Ways!

And please enjoy because it is a joy to meet, greet, play and chat with the oodles of fabulous fun-stars that get invited, coaxed, tricked and swindled into entertaining ‘us’

Re-capping the Madcapping

Recapping the Mad-capping!   Reel Time rolls on with its first episode this year – a recap of my amazing transformation, from ordinary superstar writer to OMG!, over-the-top, super-powered, away with you, super-cosmological-stardom.  Please be suitably amazed...

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Hijacked! My site has been hijacked by B&C videos!! Enjoy their onion challenge as we say goodbye for 2015!!  We will be back more cracked than ever in February 2016 with a whole new Reel Time! Dates to keep in mind! Audio book ‘Jasmine Neutron Star’ available...

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I’ve Lost My Halo

I’VE LOST MY HALO! As if it wasn't enough to master (chief) the console - hit the right buttons, fight giant rats carrying guns, lose my way from one dead end into another, bump into random coffee machines – not to mention that left brain/ right...

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Super PP

Super PP Last week saw the beginning of my ground breaking research: What would happen if the ‘makeup’ of real ‘stars’ was applied to a human? Question: Why hasn’t this ever been done before? Answer: just because My research is quite ‘hands on’ (best kind of research)...

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Make Up Of The Stars

MAKE UP OF THE STARS Big clumps of hydrogen, mostly hot air in the form of helium, simple kinds of atoms, setting in of gravitational pull, oldest ‘space’ objects in the universe … ‘Big clumps’ ‘hot air’...

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Warheads and Zombies

The Zombies Are Coming! The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming! AWESOME! On this week’s episode of Reel Time I get zombie-fried. It wasn’t what I was expecting.  My hands went bloodied and hung loosely out in front of the screen.  Interestingly I lost all...

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Rock and Thunder

Rock’n’Thunder The sounds of thunder are absent in the celestial storms of the Star Ways.  That is because the lightning flashes of a celestial storm are not ‘electrical’.  Although there are certainly atoms involved.  The energy currents are celestial, and for...

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