Reel Time just happened.  It was like, one minute I am sticking my toe in the surf, enjoying the cold, wet, mushy sensation of doing something spontaneous and refreshingly different, when leg over little-blue-bunny-ears, I am bobbing in the waves crying out for the life guard to come and join me.

Seriously – am I ‘reelly’ allowed to have this much fun?

In the Reel Time, I have discovered that rocks don’t just roll they thunder, music is more like communing then I had first thought, that I don’t need hand-eye-coordination to rock a joystick, I invented the LOM, I LOL while I LARP, I get gladder that Celestial Storms don’t really happen, and old girls ‘reelly’ do just ‘wanna have fun’, all this in the flimsy guise of pursuing the eternal story.

The creative process starts with fun.  It really is that simple.  Reel Time is for me, writing in motion, what hey, did you gaze what nearly just happened – I almost spiralled into the Star Ways!

And please enjoy because it is a joy to meet, greet, play and chat with the oodles of fabulous fun-stars that get invited, coaxed, tricked and swindled into entertaining ‘us’

Gold Coast SupaNova 2017

Create   Connect   Collaborate   with Australian Writer AJ McMarson Imagine. You’re five years old. It’s morning. Sun shining.  There’s a buzz. ‘Is it today, mum?’ you ask. Your mum can’t answer. With a piece of toast wedged in her mouth, she is busily painting...

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Australian Writing Blog | AJ McMarson   It’s been a while between games. Not long enough, I have heard it whispered (inside my head). Yet despite my lack of confidence (okay ‘skill’) I decided to give the simulator another run for its money. In fact, I ran at...

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Not Another Alien Invasion

Brisbane SupaNova ... Not Another Alien Invasion! Yes, it is! Yee-Ha.   But no.  The nasty invaders I am referring to, didn’t come from this year’s Brisbane Supanova.  Those alien reps, sent over from various alien nations, were merely a show of comradery. Yes,...

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Excuses, Excuses This week’s Reel Time got hijacked. In its place, please find a most intriguing spoof. And a great way to say: Ta Da Put your hands together for the first-ever Cosmic Comic BLOG.   And is that my Super Pencil being chucked around like a potential...

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My Name is Jimmy

My Name is Jimmy   Welcome to the Australian Writers blog of AJ McMarson. There is a ‘real’ Jimmy in this fiction.  I won’t go as far as to say that my uncle Jimmy was the muse for the character of Jimmy, because my Uncle Jimmy doesn’t play the bagpipes.  But he...

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Spirems Rock the Blue Diamond

Spirems Rock the Blue Diamond This episode of this week’s Reel Time should probably come with a warning.If it gets too much, remember two things LOL and LOM.  In case you have forgotten what LOM means: LAUGHS ON ME However, I will say this in my defence: EVERYONE IS...

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Warning EXPLICIT LOM Scene 2

Explicit LOM scenes This week’s Reel Time comes with a caution. Last week’s car capers was such a blast.  But it’s one thing to feel a song coming on, and another when it’s a story … particularly a Reel Time story. And as that’s what I am here for … I told myself,...

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Starlight Highlights

Starlight highlights Hawking launches biggest ever search for alien life! Awesome. But why? He could have just come to supernova! In droves they came to the ‘Land Down...

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