Jasmine Neutron Star

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Jasmine Neutron Star by AJ McMarson

Jasmine Neutron Star

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Jasmine Neutron Star
Book 1: The Star Ways Chronicles

Formed from light, Jasmine Brock is one teenager who knows what it means to reach for the stars. With her transcension into Quanta less than two weeks away, Jasmine is about to learn the hard way, why her race has always avoided living in Terra. Gaze the Star Ways with Jasmine – if you dare. Urban unassuming Jasmine has all the usual concerns of a budding young adult, yet despite it all, she’s a star. A humorous spin on all things mythical and fantastical, with a touch of realism and spirit, Jasmine Neutron Star has that iridescent quality inherent to all timeless, beautiful books.

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