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In this week’s episode of Reel Time I was inaugurated into the dazzling, hypnotic streams of byte lights coming at us from every digital device near and far, where visions within visions get techno-coloured. In other words, I become – a gamer. Ok, I will admit a really bad one. Ok, ok, a really, really bad one – not even in the ball park kind-of-bad. Not even by the stretch of my boundless imagination can I describe my gaming ‘skill’ as well, ‘skill’. And I simply don’t have the patience or time to develop that awesome hand/eye/brain coordination required when those skilled players do their thing.
I wouldn’t even know how to find the start button (it might be a lever for all I know), if it was not for the assistance of – my son.

Thank you Charlie, for offering, which is a rehashed up way of saying putting up with my nagging until, in a crumbled, hungry heap, (because dinner would not be served until he would) Charlie agreed to be my mentor in all things game-y.

I have left it to Charlie to go through his inventory of games and pick one that he thought would be most suitable for a first-timer like myself. The result is the topic of episode 7 – a new frontier (another one), in which I seek a different angle or two in my never ending quest in making stuff up.

My gaming quest will be an ongoing saga, to be continued every five week cycle of
Reel Time, when Master Chief (stage name), and myself will investigate the pros and cons of questing – gaming style.

Gaming is seems is not just something you can do, but if the hand/eye/brain coordination is temporarily out of order – you can sit back in coach-potato comfort and be entertained by the professionals (Charlie’s short list is below). If you are a ‘really’ young viewer I request that you check with your family’s ‘code of conduct’ before linking to these programs as the language can get exotic.

1. JackSepticEye
2. Frankieonpcin1080p
3. Officalnerdcubed
4. Skydoesminecraft
5. popularmmos

And another oldie OfficalDadCubed

Jasmine Neutron Star is the first book of the Star Ways Chronicles. It is a novel most suitable for young adult and teenager readers of speculative, fantasy / science fiction, urban fantasy. It is a humorous account of Jasmine’s first adventure into the world of light – Quanta. She is a spirem – a new kind of superhero – and perfect for the sphere of Terra.