The Big Died!

I have been looking up some Motocross Terminology



The typical reaction when a frightened rider sees that her front end is low in the air [and we aren’t talking about the bike here].  If you hear this at the track, look quick cause you’ll probably see a crash!! [The exclamations marks are mine!!!!!!!]

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‘The Big Died’ is my own contribution to the MX repertoire.  I don’t think it needs any explanation.  It is not that I have never ridden during my ‘glory days’.  I recall many sunny afternoons, okay, one – or maybe something about that particular ‘one’ makes it stand out from the rest.

It could have been a scene from the musical ‘Grease’.  I turned up with my girls (sister and the dog).  The local track was filled with dust, petrol fumes and blow flies.  Then there was this cute rider with a brand new 750.  He made the fatal mistake.  He let me ride it.  The front wheel was never found and I still have the burn marks.

Bleed the Breaks, Block the Pass, Kill the Bike, Dead Sailor, Idle the Screw, Run Choppy, Wash Out, hey, call me a Squid (inconsistent or dangerous driver), call me a Spode (a rider that has no skill, but does not realize it and never improves).  I must admit though, my little sortie in MXF on this week’s Reel Time was a blast.  I will be playing this one again – probably on my own.  After all, no one does The Big Died like me.

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