Super PP

Last week saw the beginning of my ground breaking research:

What would happen if the ‘makeup’ of real ‘stars’ was applied to a human?

Question: Why hasn’t this ever been done before?
Answer: just because

My research is quite ‘hands on’ (best kind of research) and now I find myself, this week, still in my garden chair. And as I wait for my stardom makeup to set, my atoms are busily absorbing more star radiance than is probably good for them.

So, as I am otherwise engaged, in this week’s episode of Reel Time I have sent my fingers to do the walking (and the talking). And walla, without as much as raising a finger, I have created ‘finger-dom’.

With superstardom on the cosmical horizon and me flat out in my garden chair, I also had an opportunity of thinking about the gap between superstars and superheroes. That is until it became all too hard. So – what gap? Is it really such a big step between the anatomical makeup of a superstar to that of a superhero, when really, it’s barely a hop, skip and a jump for the imagination – so keep up!

My search for the eternal story couldn’t be complete without a poke around the closets of our most beloved superheroes. Capes and underclothes aside (please) this week I am seeking to understand the use of such accessories as:

Ben Ten’s Omnitri, Captain America and his Shield, Iron Man and is suit of iron, Thor, his hammer, Green Lantern, his green rings, Spiderman’s webs and Wonder Woman’s lasso and Super Pencil Pusher and her enlarged pencil.

Watch this Space

Jasmine Neutron Star is the first book of the Star Ways Chronicles. It is a novel most suitable for young adult and teenager readers of speculative, fantasy / science fiction, urban fantasy. It is a humorous account of Jasmine’s first adventure into the world of light – Quanta. She is a spirem – a new kind of superhero – and perfect for the sphere of Terra.