Starlight highlights

Hawking launches biggest ever search for alien life!

Awesome. But why? He could have just come to supernova!

In droves they came to the ‘Land Down Under’ sunny-side up. The Gold Coast Supanova 2016 attracted galactic heroes from all facets of the universe. Even I was there; strictly in my role as ‘Super Pencil-pusher/ Writer of the Star Ways of course.

I met Astro Boy and his dog (I am sure it was a dog…)
Batman, and an even batter Bat-woman with their children, Batboy and Batgirl.

batgirl-wide batboy__dylan_wayne_by_itzeldrag108-d7bjtq6

Ben 10 was in his invisible cloak. (Yes, I know he doesn’t have an invisible cloak, he was borrowing it from Beast boy – dare you ask…)

All the true and tested superheroes were there:

SuperNova Gold Coast-8123

Captain Marvel, Captain America, Cat woman, Deadpool (nice bloke), Iron Man, James Bond (well okay, not strictly a superhero, but he seems to have several lives and an uncanny ability to perspire not sweat – which is the ultimate sign of a star-rated superhero) Flash Gordon, Green Goblin, Hercules (gosh, he is tall) …


And the not so ‘tested’:
Hawkgirl, Junkpile (or maybe that could have been a real ‘junk pile’ or a uni student…)


Superheros – whether animal, plant or mineral?

Yes, mineral. What – have you forgotten about Prime Transformer – he was there!
He filled up quarter of the hall – I am glad he is one of the good guys! (He still is one of the good guy isn’t he? But then who knows which way the movie mongers are going to twist these already twisted plots.)

But Supernova is not just about superheroes or even heroes. There were also many ordinary extras filling up the cosmic space, people of all ages, creative writers, illustrators, crafters, entertainers and an endless parade of ‘dress ups’.

A highlight for me was meeting Maria V Synder, author of the series, Poison Study, Fire Study and Magic Study.


As was catching up with more local talent such as


And then there were the adorable Storm Troopers from Galactic Academy. This is certainly an academy with a difference.

SuperNova Gold Coast-8114