Spirems Rock the Blue Diamond

This episode of this week’s Reel Time should probably come with a warning.If it gets too much, remember two things LOL and LOM.  In case you have forgotten what LOM means:


However, I will say this in my defence:


The question is not ‘why?’ but ‘why not?’

Whether singing in your car or singing in your shower (I’m not googling that one– I am just not going there… okay, so I went there …)

I would like to point out here, also in my defence, that Neil Diamond’s ‘Love on the Rocks’ is actually one of my real ‘car’ songs.  And I do actually sing it out loud when I am driving.  If a family member happens to be in the front seat with me at the time – then they have to rock the Diamond blues with me. I do warn other folk coming along for the ride – it’s better to join us than ignore us –sing or hum or push it, push it real good. There’s no free rides here.

And if you are thinking ‘wow – I remember that song’ then please, enjoy:

Yes, I know what you’re saying – you have to get some more of him!!!  Feels like you’ve just re-unearthed a precious ‘diamond’?  Okay, enough of the puns…

Neil Diamond also uses his talents to inspire the creative endeavours of writers (and not just this one.)

The book ‘Johnathan Livingstone Seagull’ by Richard Bach was a screaming success back in the day.  Children of the seventies and onwards have had the great experience of flying beyond the sphere of Terra with this amazing duet of talent. Your wings could do with a lift?

Then hang out with Johnathan in the clip below – BE.