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It’s been a while between games. Not long enough, I have heard it whispered (inside my head). Yet despite my lack of confidence (okay ‘skill’) I decided to give the simulator another run for its money.

In fact, I ran at such a pace, I have notched up five virtual experiences. My fabulous ‘& son’ was there at the ready, loading me with missions at every twist of the joystick. He may have sniggered as he handed me the controls. His head shook occasionally with surprise at my complete inability to be taught.  My complete inability to ‘understand’ or ‘get it’.

I really enjoyed being so obtuse. I don’t get to do it very often.  More sniggers.

Good Times are made of these.

ArmA 3 – Military Simulator


Charlie had high hopes for me with this one. He picked the easiest setting, arranged a simple mission and ‘thought’ he was explaining the controls in simple, ‘senior-citizen’ terms. Totally awesome fun – getting him so cranky with me but.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

I know I will never ever drive a truck. I will be this bad.

Fifa 16 – Soccer

Charlie was getting a bit stroppy by this stage, hence, I really didn’t think he was being patient with my extensive learning needs. I could have really cracked that ball. It is a soccer ball – right?

Scrap Mechanic

This simulator ‘build up’ started a while back. Charlie even bought it for me, because he thought it would be at my level…

Are all sons so totally awesome???

The ones I meet, out and about as teacher and now author, are. And it isn’t just Charlie who eggs me on, to have a go, giving me ‘tactics’.  Thanks, young blokes like Charlie, who encourage me to keep up my ‘gaming’ habit. You’re awesome. What a fun world it is with you in it. What good times.