Having found my superhero I then had to create her a world.  Writers of course call this the setting.  Episode 3 of Reel Time is about this.  Geek Magic is what I call it.

Communication is the key to creating realistic superheroes.  Super heroes of course, have powers of communication that we humans can only dream about (or write about).  Often novelists will make their fabulous characters able to read minds or communicate telepathically.

However, if my characters were going to do that, then I strongly felt that as their creator, I should be able to do it too.  Hence my sojourn into technical, scientifically proven ‘fantastical’ communication processes and devices that only my starry characters will ever get to do, and of course my readers get to enjoy!

Some of these communication creations include:

Communing – which is the means of communicating with the use of frequency ranges – noise is created in the same way – but I don’t think I will be done for copyright for that one.

Sharing visions – This is a spirem skill that I have called transvisioning.

Transvoyaging – Although a spirem’s atomic body (human body) remains stationary – it fades into the light frequencies surrounding it – that’s photons by the way – yes, that is a real science term. Hence a spirem’s biophotonic (living light) energy can transmit elsewhere.  I know you want to see if you can do that…

Transvoyaging is not an easy skill to develop – even for a spirem – but certainly worth it – particularly when you’re stuck in a boring lesson. I got this idea from staring out the window when I myself was a kid at school.  Oh, the daydreams I could conjure staring out of those classroom windows… Hey, I still do – except as a teacher now.


Jasmine Neutron Star is the first book of the Star Ways Chronicles.  It is a novel most suitable for young adult and teenager readers of speculative, fantasy / science fiction, urban fantasy.  It is a humorous account of Jasmine’s first adventure into the world of light – Quanta.  She is a spirem – a new kind of superhero – and perfect for the sphere of Terra.