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with Australian Writer AJ McMarson


You’re five years old. It’s morning. Sun shining.  There’s a buzz.

‘Is it today, mum?’ you ask.

Your mum can’t answer. With a piece of toast wedged in her mouth, she is busily painting you blue, on all skin surfaces that happen to be on the wrong side of your undies.

Thus clad, you and the three other members of your family stand to eat breakfast. Agog, you watch them.


You’re five.  It’s the Gold Coast. It’s just gone autumn. The sun still shines full-bore. You hear the buzz now on the street.

There are giggles from your seven year old sister. A smirk from your mum. Dad’s head keeps shaking. His eyes roll periodically, but his mouth remains shut. Even when mum fits white hats on everyone’s heads and your costumes are finished with garments, sparkling white against blue skin, the occasion remains solemn. Except for the buzz. It goes with you onto the bus, across the road and up the stairs of the Gold Coast Convention centre.


You’re five. You enter the building. People throng.  They smile, laugh. Cameras, phones, ipads snap you and your family, strutting to the sound of the buzz.

Five and you created all this joy, fun, images and stories shared. You are five and connecting.  Five and already collaborating with the eternal story of life now and for years to come.

‘You guys look fantastic. You are a family of smurfs, right?’ exclaims the lady with blue hair, blue visor, dressed in stars. Her giant pencil held high. Writer of the Star Ways, printed across its front. She jostles with a giant dwarf, both eager to have photos taken with you, create memories with you, connect experiences with you, collaborate with you in the eternal story that life is.

Imagine. You’re five. You exist in a world of possibilities. You’re Australian, a free-radical and this is what we do.

Create     Connect     Collaborate




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