Excuses, Excuses

This week’s Reel Time got hijacked. In its place, please find a most intriguing spoof. And a great way to say:

Ta Da

Put your hands together for the first-ever Cosmic Comic BLOG.


And is that my Super Pencil being chucked around like a potential apocalypse doesn’t really matter?
Harry Potter, if nothing else, gives dire warning regarding the ill-use of super-powered artefacts that don’t belong to you. Obviously the Cosmic Comics haven’t considered the potential consequence. Or maybe they have…

Either way, as a result of their errant ways, a cosmological shockwave has now been written into the Star Ways. Don’t blame me.
In all likelihood it will happen around the fourth or fifth book. A spiralling devastation will come crashing in on the pleasant motions of our Milky Way, probably just before breakfast. I will try and pencil in a shock absorber, like ‘we all wake up and was just a bad dream’ but, well, messing with super-powered pencils is not against cosmic law for nothing!

I will accept none of their excuses.

Speaking of excuses, with their first-ever video bloggy-dabbler, the three CCs – Josh, Iris and June – have taken ‘excuse making’ to pro standard. Impressive. Love the t shirts. And there is a whole ‘Bewitch’ thing happening with socks suddenly up when once they were down.

The subject – Making Up a Good Excuse for Your Homework Not Being Done – is an old time, perennial that gets a fresh round of sniggers in this blog. I had no idea it could take so much creative ingenuity to come up with a sham.
For more pointers, visit:


There are tonnes more.

Excuses are good for a laugh but nothing beats the truth given with a sincere apology.

The CCs are warming up for a release of their first book in November. The time and place will be revealed next blog! No Excuses!