My Name is Jimmy


Welcome to the Australian Writers blog of AJ McMarson.

There is a ‘real’ Jimmy in this fiction.  I won’t go as far as to say that my uncle Jimmy was the muse for the character of Jimmy, because my Uncle Jimmy doesn’t play the bagpipes.  But he will if you want, for a dram or two.

My uncle is however, the voice in this week’s Reel Time.  It was as much a surprise to him as it will be for you.  See, he hasn’t read the book yet (I think he is waiting for the ‘proper’ English version to come out).  To be honest, I don’t even think he knew I was writing it.  But, hey.  The script was in his hand, the microphone under his chin, and a wee dram or two at his elbow and before he could say aye or nay, he was speaking fluent Scotties.

Thanks Uncle Jimmy.

The world needs more Jimmy’s like you, and when book 3 of the Star Ways is released, you will see that is exactly what I have given it.

Please enjoy the transcript of the video blog – to help with translation – <insert snigger>)

Mah nam is Jimmy.

An’ afair ye gang prancin’ oan yer high cuddie, ye need tae ken, Ah did want tae gang ower tae dae mah duties as Jasmine’s darkie.

But a body ur tois things gang in th’ way. Yer infestation ay cockroaches an’ spiders fur a body.

Yoo Australians pure need tae address yoo’re pest problems. An’ clean up yer snakes.

Gonnae-no treatin’ them loch an endangered species ay wee doggies an exterminate them. gie yer Australian army oan tae it. Gie th’ layaboots somethin’ tae dae.

Yes Ah am a darkie. Ah hae bin since th’ kin’ ay th’ faeries ruled thes bonnie isle. Becomin’ a Darker Green is a rite ay passage whaur Ah come frae.

By th’ way, that’s Uig, oan th’ isle ay lift. But ye woods ken ‘at, if ye hae reid th’ book.

I hae bin tae Australia. ance. tae play mah bags. In a competition. Ah won ay coorse. A body victory fur th’ lain ay th’ brae. That’s hoo Ah ken abit yer infestations ower thaur, in yer climate.

Whit a climate. Cuik th’ skin aff yer while yoo’re watchin’ a gam ay crickit.

Ain nane ay ye can spick th’ queen’s sassenach. I’m talkin’ abit Mary Queen ay Scots, nae some bully ay a monarchy ‘at can’t spick proper sassenach.

So, Ah did mah duty fur Jasmine. Ye don’t hae tae loch hoo Ah did it.  Ah did. sae gie aff yer high cuddie an’ gie a haircut.