Having begun life as a glorified comic strip, storyboards have since been adapted and modified to suit all sorts of creative pursuits.

This is my storyboard. It is here where you will find the concepts and back story behind the Star Ways.  It contains sketchy character profiles, setting descriptions, and a glossary of terms.  A work in progress, my storyboard is constantly evolving and will be periodically updated.

Be forewarned.  It is also my work space.  And as such, it is a nuts and bolts framework.  It is a laboratory of scientific inquiry.  It is an archeological dig, a kaleidoscope of possibilities. It is the playroom of a novelist and that means ‘words’, the wordier the better.

My storyboard is in two parts – I call them the Starboard and the Power-board.  Star Way terms are cross-referenced between them.  But like I said – wordy – which rhymes with ‘nerdy’… and no, you don’t need to read, let alone ‘UNDERSTAND’ the storyboard to enjoy the chronicles of the Star Ways.

If you pursue the challenge however, two strategies might assist.  Firstly, to understand the Star Ways –

  • think Möbius strip – actually, make that a Möbius snail:mobius strip

  • Secondly, to perceive the Star Ways, make like a spirem and simply GAZE it!