The inversion of the Star Ways caused it to split into two distinct ‘settings’ – the Quanta and Terra. The power-board provides background information on the setting.  The chronicles of the Star Ways begins when the catalyst for the inversion is set to resurge into the Star Ways.  And with it comes the threat of the Star Ways apocalyptic destruction.

Soon after the inversion, the split of the Star Ways from one sphere into two, Terra and Quanta were the result.  They are energy spheres identical in every way, except for one difference.  That is, the sphere of Quanta ended up with the governing body of the Star Ways, the Seat of the Star Ways.  As a consequence, ten thousand years later, the Terra and Quanta have since become vastly different from each other.

When the ‘Seat of the Star Ways’ became known as the ‘Seat of Quanta’, spirem governance was reestablished.  Yet, even though the Star Ways eventually reformed its spirals into a new direction, it was never to be the same again. Its spiralling evolutions of energy/matter had been altered.

For one thing, spirems no longer lived as they once did.  Their atomic life spans were lived out in what was called ‘Living Greens’, whilst they got on with spiralling the Star Ways.  The corruption to the energy flows (spirals) of the Star Ways caused Living Greens to quickly die out.

The spirems of that holocaustic time had also discovered that the corrupted energies of their ‘world’ had now, two spheres of perception rather than the one.  To their horror, they perceived that this second sphere was heavily sullied with the toxic remnants of celestial energy spilled from a hole in the Locus (sphere of the celestial).  A celestial intrusion was blamed for this hole, which at that time, became known as the Inversion Hole.  An atomic wasteland resulted from this inverted fiery radiance.  This wasteland was to become known as Terra.

Terra could not be completely put out of mind however, as spirems would still resurge into it.  Spirems would therefore have to protect themselves from the damaging effects of the free-radical celestial energy unleashed into the Star Ways, via the Inversion Hole. In a response to protect the newly resurged spirems into the sphere of Terra, the governing spirems at the time, referred to then, and now, as the magi, came up with the Magi Circle.

The Magi Circle is a unique biophotonic constellation made of the governing spirems, the magi.  It circles the Inversion Hole, ensuring that the residual contaminate remains quarantined within their radius.  Unfortunately spirems cannot choose where their spiral will resurge into the Star Ways.  Also, Gazing is made complicated for the rare few spirems that resurge into the cosmic dark mass that is the Inversion Hole.

The corrupted energy balance of the Star Ways was to have further effects. During the first resurgence of the Star Ways after its inversion, the humans who remained in the sphere of Terra began to populate in record numbers.  The slowing of atomic energy into matter was in other words, a ‘human population explosion’, caused when the directional flow of the Star Ways was inverted.  This ‘human-bloom of Terra’ became another reason why spirems kept away from the sphere of Terra.

In following resurgences, these humans began to manipulate atomic matter, to form their own creations, such as extracting minerals from rock to form ores.  From the spirem’s perspective this is an anti-evolution practice.  The atomically composed creatures called humans were learning to rearrange atoms of other matter.  This ‘progress’ began to sully the purity of energy flow even more. Hence now, spirems that have the unfortunate experience of beginning their resurgence in Terra have to go through a period of initiation.  This takes place soon after their first transcenion into the greater energy frequency that is Quanta, where they gladly settle for good.

The Darker Green (DG) was established to assist these young spirems back into the Quanta fold.  The main reason being, that no spirem, not even the magi could bare for long, the corrosive effects that the corrupted energy fields of Terra had on their biophotonic flow.

The Darker Green is responsible for informing new parents when their baby is a spirem.  Letting the parents know what to expect because of it, such as the anticipated Transcenion date.  Around their fifteenth birthday spirems are visited by a human member from the DG.  This long-term member is often referred to as a darkie.