The Characters of Terra


Jasmine Ariel Brock is the name of the protagonist in the story of Jasmine Neutron Star.  She lives with her mother, Rachel Brock, and her father, James Brock.  She has a brother, older by two years, Sam Brock.  Her twin siblings, younger by about ten years, are Michael & Sarah Brock.

She begins the story at fifteen.  As her birthday is towards the end of the year, she would be nearly sixteen.  She attends a local school, Dingo Crossing State High School.  She is in grade 10.

Her best friend is Cassie.  For friends, they are really quite different.  Jasmine is quiet, and doesn’t like to draw attention.  She wears clothes that hide her figure rather than accentuate it, doesn’t work hard at school, but then, she doesn’t have too.  She always gets A’s in every subject, even P.E.  It is because of her biophotonic ‘powers’.  Jake is another friend of Jasmine’s.

Because of her biophotonic energy, Jasmine has optimum control of her atomic-ness (energy/matter). That means her atoms are perfectly formed, which makes for perfectly formed ‘atomic matter’ –brain, other organs, hair, skin, muscles.  It doesn’t mean that spirems have perfect genes, only that they ‘live’ life at a constant state of maximal optimised existence, despite what their DNA might be.  In Jasmine’s case, she is tall, willow and angular.  Her large dark eyes are an obvious feature of her otherwise attractive face.  She takes after her father in looks.

Spirems experience ‘sensory perception’ different from humans.  That is to say, they don’t just feel, taste, smell, see and hear in the ordinary sense.  They experience the energy ‘given off’ from ‘matter’ as single pulses of life rather than ‘just’ the ‘whole’ of the matter.  For example, Jasmine knows the Earthing Stone to be a rock because of its energy in relation to the other objects within its environment.  Her biophotonic energy is also attracted to it (magnetically), even though she does not know that it is an Earthing Stone.  She also senses that it has been atomically altered (by magi long ago) to be a marker of the crossing places, from Terra into Quanta.  The energy that is the rock and produced by the rock, is different to what is should be if it was merely a piece of granite.  She recognises the changed energy flow like we might recognise a breeze that suggests a change of weather or a door is open somewhere.

Occasionally spirems of Terra like to show off their heightened physical abilities and superior mental capacities.  Most of them however, like Jasmine, do not.  Finding out you are a spirem is enough for these characters to have to deal with without having to draw attention to their unusual ‘abilities’.  In fact, Jasmine goes out of her way not to be noticed.

Jasmine’s support characters in Terra are:

Cassie JohnstoneRachel BrockMr Winkles
Jake SaundersJames BrockMs Spankris
Sam BrockMr BottomburgJimmy

Cassie Johnstone is Jasmine’s bestie.  She gives the impression of being clueless and self-absorbed, but hey, don’t we all, when it suits us.  Cassie prods and pushes Jasmine into action, whether Jasmine likes it or not.  A pretty face, with full lips and dimples, bouncy, dark hair that she can’t be bothered taming it. Cassie is opinionated and at times sassy.  She is a match for Sam’s cool indifference.

Jake Saunders – is a friend of Sam, and for this reason, Jasmine’ would rather not associate with him.  He is nevertheless a friend-of-sorts.  Jasmine thinks something about him is cute.  She recognises that there are similarities between him and her brother, which is likely another reason why she feels shy around him.

Sam Brock – is about 17 years of age when the story begins.  He is blond, with wavy hair.  At the start of the story he wears it quite long and ‘puffed out’, in a surfie style.  He has very blue eyes and his skin tans easily.  He is very good looking by anyone’s standards.  He takes his physical features from his mother.  He loves to surf, which is not mentioned in the first book, as well as swim, usually down at the river.  He is good at many sports.  He doesn’t try so hard at school, but usually does enough to ‘just’ pass.

Sam is aware of his ‘attractiveness’, and will use it to his advantage when there is no alternative.  But like Jasmine, he plays down his good looks.  Probably more because he can’t be bothered trying too hard.  Well, when you’re that good looking, I guess you don’t have too!

Rachel Brock – is a highly successful real estate agent. She is extremely organised.  She has to be, being a working parent with 4 children and a husband who works away from home for most of the time.  Sam and Jasmine are her great helpers with the twins.  She is the ‘tough’ parent of the Brock pair.  She loves to dress up, and gardening is her favourite ‘unwind’ activity.

James Brock – works away from home, three weeks out of a cycle of five weeks.  He is an offshore miner.  When he is at home, he loves to cook ‘experimentally’.  He inherits all the domestic choirs (which he loves) to give his wife a break, but he will often employ a cleaner or ‘maintenance person’ when it all gets too tricky.  He is fairly laidback and generally positive when meeting new ideas, such as computer technology, and of course Jasmine’s ‘situation’.

Mr Bottomburg – is one of Jasmine’s teachers at her school.

Mr Winkles – is the school principal of Dingo Crossing State High.

Ms Spankris – is the new instrumental teacher at Jasmine’s school.  She has other guises too.

Jimmy – is a member of the Darker Green and is also Jasmine’s darkie. He lives in Scotland at a seaside port called Uig.  He plays bagpipes a lot, whenever he can, wherever he can.  As far as he is concerned the Scottish language and customs have been undermined by the English.  He and his ‘mates’ see it as their duty to keep up the Scottish traditions in the face of it all.