Both the atomic and biophotonic energies created for the Star Ways rely on the following atom characteristics:

  • The particles within the nucleus of an atom exert forces upon each other as do the celestial bodies of the universe. This ‘force’ converts into useable energy.  This resulting heat/light energy can be measured/ perceived in light waves. In the Star Ways this energy transformation is referred to as an energy conversion.
  • Shells – An atom’s electron shells are the part outside and around its atomic nucleus. It is a group of atomic orbitals that have the same value of the principal quantum number It gives an atom its characteristics. A shell is sometimes called an energy level.

  • The quantum motion of spirems atomic structure allows them to experience atoms at the point of ‘conversion’. Essentially that means, unlike humans, and other ‘Terra’ bound creatures of the Star Ways, spirems are not confined to their atomic shells. For the sake of the story of the Star Ways, the conversion of energy has an opposite reaction, called inversion. The conversion is when the energy of the spiral (spirem) flows outwards, the inversion is when the energy flows inwards.  In this way the Inversion Hole of the Star Ways behaves like a black hole of the universe. The conversion of the Star Ways is energy ‘bonding’.
  • Bonding is when atoms share their energy. There are a few ways atoms can bond, just as there are a few ways that the spirals of energy can bond within the Star Ways. For more information on atomic bonding refer to: