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AJ McMarson


AJ McMarson

AJ McMarson, a writer of young adult, speculative fiction – that AJ refers to as ‘Geek Magic’ – brings not just a vivid imagination but a delicious sense of humour to her stories.

When not researching the science behind wormholes, photons and atomic energy to use in her novels, AJ teaches part-time at a school in Brisbane, Australia.

AJ recently joined creative forces with Josh Hopkins to produce Cosmic Comic’s first book series – Steve McCann.

For further information on the collaborative fun to be had by all,visit the Cosmic Comic website.


Jasmine Neutron Star

Jasmine Neutron Star

Formed from light, Jasmine Brock is one teenager who knows what it means to reach for the stars. With her transcension into Quanta less than two weeks away, Jasmine is about to learn the hard way, why her race has always avoided living in Terra.

Gaze the Star Ways with Jasmine – if you dare.

Urban unassuming Jasmine has all the usual concerns of a budding young adult, yet despite it all, she’s a star. A humourous spin on all things mythical and fantastical, with a touch of realism and spirit, Jasmine Neutron Star has that iridescent quality inherent to all timeless, beautiful books.



Qanta was not supposed to be like this! Fighting for survival against forces too vast to comprehend, Jasmine is running out of time to unlock her powers.

Even her mentors, the mysterious Magi Circle are keeping things from her. Can she truly trust them? With war and treachery threatening the Star Ways, Jasmine realizes that there is much more at stake than just her life!

Re-join Jasmine and her small group of allies as they struggle for existence in the newest resurgence of the Star Ways!

The Cosmic Comic


Steve McCann Series


The Cosmic Comic
The Boogie Boy from Conker Mountain High

A hilarious new series opens up the proverbial tin of worms – cosmic comic worms that is!

Join Steve McCann, accomplished middle school student, as he deals with a worm epidemic of cosmological proportions.